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The Holiday Cocktail Lounge Presents: 


What's Next?

How deep is your love, fellow groovers? We’re livin’ in a world of fools, breaking us down. We belong to you and me… and this bar.

A friend recently said Holiday is like an STD, but if there was somehow a good kind — it keeps coming back, but you’re glad every time it does. It’s one of the only things left on St. Mark’s that Fritz the Cat would recognize.

No more rent-controlled apartment, 80 dollars a month (lots of fun, lots of fun). Remember a plain old cup of Joe? A buttered bagel for less than a buck? An egg cream and a fortune reading at Gem Spa? A band at Theater 80? Jeff Buckley stumbling out of Siné? Sylvain Sylvain was there too, maybe he was waiting on a friend. Or checkin’ his stash by the trash.

All we got left is this dive in time. So let’s sidle up with something boozy and get good and Holidayed. 

by drinks writer and author of New York Cocktails, 

Amanda Schuster